Euro 2020 is Around the Corner

The world is always ready for more football. That is why plenty of national leagues are followed closely, especially in Europe and Brazil, but nowadays, in the United States as well. India also loves football and China has started investing heavily into its own football. But, for Europe, the Euro 2020 is what most people are looking at. National teams qualifying and playing with each other for the title of champion of Europe. People are waiting for the championship to start, some playing video games, others willing to bet on EURO 2021, with hopes of winning some money. What if you wanted to play video games, which are the best football video games to play?

FIFA 2020 

The debate as to which is better will always be there. FIFA versus PES, which one do you prefer? Well, FIFA 2020 is back at it again, with various new changes, small (what more can you add to a great game?), in fact. Eden Hazard is on the regular cover of the game, while Zinedine Zidane will be on the Ultimate Edition of the game. FIFA has a career mode where you can play as an upcoming football star. There are over 30 official leagues, so you get to play with your favorite clubs, most likely. There are 90 licensed stadiums in the game, so you might even get to see your team’s home stadium. 

PES 2020

PES 2020 or eFootball PES 2020, as it is now called, is also there, receiving better reviews than FIFA, at launch, at least. PES has 18 licensed leagues and plenty more which are not licensed. There are plenty of partner clubs, including Barcelona and Manchester United. This means that Lionel Messi is on the cover of the game. Ronaldihno will be on the Legend Edition of the game. Whether you prefer PES or FIFA, you can play both games and try them out, so that you don’t end up hating one for no good reason.

Back Street Soccer

This is an old game made for arcade cabinets. Through emulators, namely MAME, you can play this lovely game, which is much more interesting than regular soccer, due to the players jumping up and kicking like Super Saiyans. Yes, some kicks can even send the goalkeeper packing into the goal itself. It is a very fun game if you like football.

Sensible Soccer

This is one of the best football games out there. It is simple and played from a bird’s eye view, top to bottom. The game has very simple mechanics, but shooting, passing and sliding is really fun to do. The slides can really be hardcore. The shooting is also very precise, once you master it, with special controls after you have taken a shot. It is one of the oldest football games, but one which stood the test of time, even with giants like PES and FIFA around.

These are some of the best video games which you can play if you like football and are in need of a time killer before the EURO 2020 starts.